Our Staff

Rocio Robles Headshot
Rocio Robles
Billing Manager
Meghan Hooey Headshot
Meghan Hooey
Clinic and Infusion Center Manager
Stephanie Bustos Headshot
Stephanie Bustos
Assistant Clinic Manager
Jacqueline Lopez Headshot
Jacqueline Lopez
Comprehensive Care Coordinator
Elaine Lopez Headshot
Elaine Lopez
Medical Assistant
Leslie De Jesus Headshot
Leslie De Jesus
Medical Assistant
Milissa Uribe Headshot
Milissa Uribe
Front Desk Coordinator
Malik Spears Headshot
Malik Spears
Front Desk & New Patient Coordinator
Jennifer Martinez Headshot
Jennifer Martinez
Infusion Center Coordinator
Robin Cooper Headshot
Robin Cooper
Infusion RN
Nicole Ng Headshot
Nicole Ng
Infusion RN
Mary Lou Bender Headshot
Mary Lou Bender
Infusion RN
Astrina Raymundo Headshot
Astrina Raymundo
Infusion LVN
Diego Parra Headshot
Diego Parra
Clinical Research Coordinator
Chiana Yang Headshot
Chiana Yang
Clinical Research Coordinator
Manas Jinka Headshot
Manas Jinka
Clinical Research Coordinator
Jessica He Headshot
Jessica He
Isaac Lee Headshot
Isaac Lee
Talya Koger Headshot
Talya Koger
Sabella Singh Headshot
Sabella Singh
Medical Assistant
Ammar Amjad Headshot
Ammar Amjad
Jordan Chung Headshot
Jordan Chung
Medical Assistant
Tyrone Garin Headshot
Tyrone Garin
Facility Maintenance 
Angelica Manushakyan Headshot
Angelica Manushakyan
Lab Technician
Manro D. Abundo Headshot
Manro D. Abundo
Lab Technician
Arthur H. Bernstein Headshot
Arthur H. Bernstein
Chief Strategy and Business Affairs Officer