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Attune Health Welcomes Medical Community to Tour New Facility

Innovation, cutting-edge technology and the whole patient experience were the highlights of the invitation-only event at Attune Health, where doctors and other members of the medical community got their first look at all the practice has to offer.

“This is a practice designed from the ground up to tackle inflammation and autoimmune diseases,” said Dr. R. Swamy Venuturupalli. “Above all Attune health fosters collaboration between patients, providers, researchers and educators by providing all the medications, wellness resources, research and innovative technology needed to solve these tough medical problems.”

Nearly 100 medical professionals were given the opportunity to tour Attune Health’s brand new 10,000 square-foot facility in Beverly Hills. Colleagues, referring physicians and friends of Attune Health visited the state-of-the-art infusion center in a spacious corner locale with floor to ceiling windows, designed to put patients at ease.

The event also included tours of Attune Health’s onsite laboratory, physical therapy and exercise rooms, dedicated research space and patient rooms that are outfitted with telecommunications and video conferencing for telemedicine appointments.

Dr. Daniel J. Wallace, who cares for the largest cohort of lupus patients in the United States at Attune Health, said the new facility is, “sleek, functional and attractive, but still exudes warmth and a Zen like environment.”

Referring doctors were shown separate spaces where they could visit Attune Health for specialized consultations and collaborations with their patients and the Attune Health team.

“It was really exciting to welcome colleagues and friends for their first look at our space,” Dr.  Venuturupalli said. “Their positive feedback invigorates us to strive hard to find innovative cures for inflammatory diseases and autoimmune problems.”

The practice is built around offering a whole patient experience that combines the latest in science and medical treatment with nutrition, exercise plans and mindfulness programs.

Attune Health also offers innovative technology, including virtual reality for pain management and stress relief as well as the infusion center.

The practice is proud to conduct and analyze the latest medical research in-house because it offers more direct access to medication, treatments and clinical trials for patients and referring physicians.

“Attune Health is putting forward an ambitious quest,” Dr. Wallace said, “representing quality translational and transformational efforts in medicine.”

The team at Attune Health are excited to welcome the medical community. Thank you to our guests for visiting Attune Health and we look forward to working with you soon.