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Dr. Daphne Scaramangas Speaks on Rheumatology to National Medical Group

The field of rheumatology can be complex with multiple variations within the same illness and just as many ways to treat the symptoms. Patients often require collaboration between their medical providers to get the best care possible.

Attune Health has made a point to encourage collaboration with other medical teams, from installing teleconference and videoconference equipment throughout the office to setting aside office space specifically for doctors to come in and work with Attune Health medical personnel on collaborative diagnoses, treatment and research.

Dr. Daphne Scaramangas spoke to those collaborative efforts during a recent visit to One Medical Group, a multidisciplinary practice with offices across the country, including in Beverly Hills.

“It was absolutely wonderful meeting the healthcare team,” Dr. Scaramangas said. “We had a fruitful discussion on focused collaborative care of our patients, as well as multiple rheumatologic topics in the primary care setting.”

Primary care doctors are often the first to suspect a patient may have an autoimmune or inflammatory condition, making them the first line of defense. To that end, Dr. Scaramangas talked about diagnosing and treating common rheumatologic conditions as well as non-medical therapies to improve patients’ quality of life.

“We spoke about osteoarthritis and therapeutic approaches, including the future of regenerative therapies,” she said. “We also discussed osteoporosis, sacroiliitis, lupus, fibromyalgia and the impact of diet on rheumatologic conditions.”

Attune Health is honored to be invited to One Medical Group and we look forward to future collaborations.