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Dr. Swamy Interviewed by Patient Advocacy Group CreakyJoints

In between learning about new technology and collaborating with colleagues, Dr. Swamy Venuturupalli sat down with patient advocacy group CreakyJoints for an interview from the American College of Rheumatology’s 2017 conference held in San Diego earlier this month.

Dr. Venuturupalli talked about his upbringing in India as the son of physicians and how treating the whole patient was his focus from the beginning.

“What I’m really passionate about is to be able to educate my patients that there are things they can do for themselves, including nutrition, diet and exercise, to help how they’re feeling, to prevent bad complications of conditions that they already have and to get better in some cases,” he said.

From that whole body approach, he said, doctors at Attune Health have gained valuable insight into the treatment of a variety of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

“Some of our patients have shown dramatic improvements in inflammatory conditions that they present with when we have added a dietary intervention to their program,” he said. “We as rheumatologists are here to help our patients get better. I’m open to using whatever technique it is that will get me that result as long as it’s safe.”

CreakyJoints was started in 1999 to connect arthritis patients not only with each other, but with a network of education and advocacy.

Watch the complete interview with CreakyJoints above.