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Attune Health's elite, multi-disciplinary team of specialists is committed to out-thinking autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and getting people to the better life they deserve. Learn more about our services below.

Therapeutic Injections

Attune Health provides therapeutic injections for joint and soft tissue pain syndromes. We have undergone advanced training in injection techniques and have taught numerous courses to peers and residents on proper injection techniques. In certain circumstances, some of these newer techniques might be very effective for your pain symptoms. Please contact our office to learn more about our therapeutic injection program.

EMG/NCS and Other Neurodiagnostic Services

NCS-EMG is an electrodiagnostic procedure needed to assess a vast variety of neurological disorders, including nerve compressions, radiculopathies, diabetic neuropathies, myopathies, ALS and muscular dystrophies. Dr. Shalini Mahajan, MD also performs muscle biopsies on patients with suspected muscle diseases such as dermatomyositis, inclusion body myositis and muscular dystrophy, among others. She has not only performed hundreds of open muscle biopsies, but is board certified to interpret nerve and muscle histopathology, which makes her uniquely qualified to integrate pathology with the clinical management of neuromuscular diseases. Other procedures that she performs in the office include skin punch biopsy. This procedure, performed with application of a local anesthetic, is a highly sensitive and specific test to evaluate small-fiber neuropathy that can be seen with diabetes and with rheumatological conditions such as Sjogren’s syndrome or lupus. To refer patients, please use this form.

Telemedicine Visits

Telemedicine refers to the use of video conferencing technology to conduct long distance visits with patients. While this may not be applicable to all visit types (some visits absolutely require a physical exam), several visits can be conducted with the patient off site. We use a HIPAA-compliant platform to conduct these visits and special charges may apply for these services.

Functional Testing and Nutritional Advice

Functional Medicine is focused on getting to the root cause of health conditions by collecting a detailed medical history and utilizing highly specialized tests that may include: genetic testing, comprehensive stool analysis, adrenal stress profile testing, metabolic, amino acid and oxidative stress analysis. These tests are used to assess malabsorption and gut dysbiosis, cellular energy and mitochondrial metabolism, neurotransmitter metabolism, vitamin deficiencies, and toxin exposure and detoxification status. Nutritional deficiencies have been linked to chronic conditions and targeted recommendations are made based on patients’ individual test results. Through our staff nutritionist Lee Bell, we provide a comprehensive program.

Research-Based Clinical Programs

Research is a central part of our mission. We are grateful to our patients who participate in our research programs. With our extensive clinical experience in autoimmune diseases, our main research focus is to understand the causes and clinical manifestations of autoimmune diseases and to develop therapeutic approaches. Our physicians and research staff work with leading faculty locally and globally to further our knowledge and understanding of autoimmune diseases and arthritis. Our research is focused on advancing therapeutic options for patients with arthritis and autoimmune disease. Having access to research programs differentiates Attune Health’s clinical offerings and allows us to offer our patients advanced diagnostic and therapeutic options. Some of our programs include: Undiagnosed Arthritis Program A significant portion of patients who have inflammatory arthritis do not have a definitive diagnosis for the cause of their arthritis. Several possibilities such as crystal-induced arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, other autoimmune inflammatory arthritis, viral and other infectious arthritis and low-grade cancers need to be considered in such cases. Our research program offers detailed histories, cutting edge laboratory testing, synovial biopsy with advanced synovial tissue analyses. Our expert physicians and researchers are committed to advancing knowledge in this field. Click on the link for more information on the Undiagnosed Arthritis Synovial Biopsy Project. Inflammatory Muscle Disease (Myositis) Program Myositis is an autoimmune disease that causes severe muscle weakness. An accurate diagnosis of the type of myositis can help direct the management of myositis. Our clinical and research programs in myositis include detailed histories and advanced neurodiagnostic testing, including muscle biopsies and research level immune and cytokine testing. Sjogren’s Program Sjogren’s syndrome is an autoimmune condition which primarily causes dysfunction of glandular secretions. Other organ systems can also be targeted. Along with our collaborators, we collect and analyze tissue and serum samples in patients with Sjogren’s syndrome. As future biologics become available for Sjogren’s syndrome, we plan to offer clinical trials in Sjogren’s syndrome to our patients. SLE Research Program Our practice has one of the largest cohort of patients with SLE in the United States. We are involved in cutting-edge research in the field of SLE, including biobanking, long-term outcomes research and multiple clinical trials of biologic therapies. We are the recipient of numerous grants to study SLE, including NIH and DOD. Rheumatoid Arthritis Program We are involved in multiple clinical trials of biologics for rheumatoid arthritis. Additionally, we offer patients consultations in our undiagnosed arthritis program. Osteoporosis Program

The clinic is primarily run by our physician’s assistant, Bryant Uy, who conducts the initial evaluation with support from our expert rheumatologist, Dr. Swamy Venuturupalli, MD.  We are currently accepting patients for comprehensive evaluations and infusion services.

Therapeutic Injection Program Patients with arthritis can get relief from various injection therapies such as corticosteroid injections, hyaluronic acid injections and newer therapies such as PRP.

Innovative Therapeutic Programs

Attune Health is currently investigating cutting-edge therapies such as virtual reality and mindfulness training for pain relief, biosensor-based tracking of autoimmune disease health and outcomes, and innovative physical therapies such as muscle activation techniques. Please inquire about these programs if you are interested in incorporating them as part of your therapeutic plan.

In-House Labs

Attune Health has a fully-equipped laboratory which is certified to perform routine blood testing. This allows the office to obtain results in real time and post them with comments on the web portal. Patients can view and print their lab results from the web portal.

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