Healing and reversing a chronic autoimmune disease takes time and patience — both from the patient and the provider. Concierge medicine offers an out-of-the-box solution for patients who need us to devote substantial time and resources to their individual care.

With this model, Attune Health’s entire team is able to invest the time, energy and resources necessary to address the patient’s individual challenges as quickly as possible. From a patient’s perspective, this kind of focused effort to diagnose and treat their condition allows for the quickest path to recovery.

In terms of the greater Attune Health community, our concierge services allow us to further our mission to research and discover the best cures for autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, which we can then share with the clinic and our online community. We carefully screen and select a small group of concierge patients who may benefit the most from our expertise. Please contact the office directly to inquire about eligibility for our concierge programs.