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Shingrix Vaccine Now Available at Attune Health!

We are very excited about finally receiving this much needed shingles vaccine. What excites us most about this vaccine is that it could be used safely in rheumatology patients who are on immunosuppressive medications. This wasn’t possible with the other currently available vaccine zostavax, which is a live virus vaccine and not safe in immunosuppressed patients. Additionally, the new Shingrix vaccine is reported as being 97% effective in protecting against shingles. This is a huge improvement!


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Shingrix?

Shingrix is a new vaccine that was approved by the ACIP(Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) and FDA for the prevention of shingles.


How does the vaccine work?

The vaccine is a non-live, recombinant subunit vaccine that helps to boost immune protection of the shingles vaccine. It differs from Zostavax, a live vaccine that individuals who are receiving biologic medication are unable to take.


Am I a candidate for the vaccine?

The currently recommendation is for individuals who are over the age of 50. Those who previously received the Zostavax vaccine should also be vaccinated. The only contraindications to receiving the vaccines is a history of severe allergic reactions to any component of the vaccine or to a previous dose.


How is the vaccine administered?

The vaccine is injected intramuscularly (into the muscle.) It is injected through doses separated by no more than 6 months and no less than 2 months.


What kind of reactions do people have?

While the vaccine is very safe, some individuals experience pain, redness, swelling, myalgia(muscle pain,) fatigue, headache, shivering, fever and gastrointestinal symptoms.


Will my insurance cover this vaccine?

Unfortunately, the vaccine is not covered by most commercial or government insurances at this time. However, we are hopeful this will change with the widespread acceptance of the vaccine.