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Attune Health 2 days ago

Our own Dr. Christine Lee was a guest on KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO to discuss pop star Selena Gomez's kidney transplant due to complications from lupus, as well as the treatments that are available for this often painful and debilitating autoimmune disease. She also touted LupusLA and the need for awareness, especially with a so-called "invisible" disease like lupus. "A lot of people with lupus, actually you really can't tell they're sick. If you look at Selena she looks like she's completely normal and that's the problem we have," she said. "It's a hidden disease from the public and often times we say it's one of those diseases where people say 'But you don't look sick.'" #attunehealth #lupus #butyoudontlooksick #lupusla #autoimmunewarrior #spoonie