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Attune Health 2 months ago We are proud to present this article in the New York Times that highlights the work at Attune Health in providing this patient with her diagnosis. Dr. Swamy Venuturupalli in collaboration with the Women's Heart Center at Cedars Sinai was able to successfully diagnose and achieve a good outcome in this case. Dr. Venuturupalli feels that the collaborative atmosphere at Attune Health that fosters a sense of collegiality with various specialists, and collaboration between patients and doctors was instrumental in achieving a diagnosis in this case. He notes that his father, Dr. Venturupalli Jagannadha Rao, an internist in India contributed to the development of his interest in the art of diagnosis. He would often recount stories of unusual medical cases at the dinner table. Later, Dr. Venuturupalli specialized in Rheumatology, the field of Internal Medicine, that deals with unusual autoimmune presentations. His skills were further honed by mentors like Dr. Richard Weisbart and Dr. Daniel Wallace who embodied what William Osler, the father of Internal Medicine would say, "Listen to your patient, they are telling you the diagnosis".