About Us

Attune Health began with a single question: Could we harness the latest science in diverse fields like genomics, proteomics and metabolomics, and combine these precision sciences with advances in functional nutrition and lifestyle modification, using innovative technology? Our goal is to significantly improve the lives of people with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Our Staff

Our highly skilled and compassionate team enables us to live out our mission of empowering patients, inspiring healthcare professionals and providing research-based, multidisciplinary care to people with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

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Category: Nutrition
We Love Olives! Black and Green Olive Tapenade

Looking to mix up your same old salad? This tapenade from Attune Health’s board-certified, holistic nutritionist Lee Bell,…

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Category: Tailored Program
How Can Virtual Medicine Help You Feel Better?

From assisting in epidural-free childbirth, distract patients while they undergo medical procedures, or relieving chronic day-to-day pain, virtual…

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Category: Nutrition
DIY Fermented Sweet and Spicy Potato Chips

We know the chip aisle at the grocery store is tantalizing. Resist the temptation and try out these…

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