Natalie Fortune, MS RDN

Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition are emerging fields that recognize we are all unique based on our genetics and health history, dietary habits, sleep patterns, emotional profiles and ability to manage stress. These fields also recognize that individuals need customized treatment plans in order to achieve optimum wellness.

Natalie Fortune spends a lot of time in her kitchen. It’s been her go-to comfort zone from a very young age as she experimented with food and learned to create dishes that were healthy and delicious. This love for food and interest in the medical field drove her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics from Marywood University in Pennsylvania. Currently, Natalie is a registered dietitian and a believer that dietary intervention can help prevent, cure, and treat diseases. After studying human nutrition for many years, Natalie wanted to learn more about research and the science behind all dietary recommendations. She earned her Master of Science degree in epidemiology from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Putting this all together Natalie is passionate about food, health, and evidenced based research.

As Attune Health’s new nutritionist and research associate, Natalie brings her dedication to nutrition and passion for food to our Beverly Hills clinic. She has been working closely with Attune Heath’s rheumatologists and medical staff to develop a whole-body wellness program for patients with autoimmune diseases and inflammatory conditions. Natalie and Attune Health’s research team will be conducting clinical trials and observational studies to assess these innovative programs.

She has completed courses from the Institute of Functional Medicine, so that she can help incorporate Functional Medicine practices into the clinic. Natalie helps her patients address the reason behind their diagnosis, heal their gut, and help them manage their disease through nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Every patient that signs up for Natalie’s nutrition program will receive an individualized plan based on their goals, lifestyle, health history, and diagnosis. She implements the latest research, nutrition supplements, and cognitive behavioral therapy so that her patients can achieve their goals and sustain their results for life.