What happens when you bring together some of the brightest minds in autoimmune and inflammation disease? And what if they have the very latest technology, research, treatments and therapies all under one roof? Great things happen.

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Category: Mindfulness & Yoga
Meet Abbie Britton: Attune Health’s Applied Yoga Specialist Tackles Pain from All Angles

Abbie Britton doesn’t just practice yoga, she lives it. Now she’s bringing her expertise in applied yoga to…

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Category: Rheumatology
Stem Cell Transplants Give Hope to Scleroderma Patients

A new clinical trial is shining a light on the benefit of stem cell transplants in patients with…

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Category: Nutrition
Beat Winter with a Bowl of Chicken Soup

It’s cold, it’s windy, it’s warm socks weather. Okay, in Los Angeles, it’s light jacket weather, but it’s…

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